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This page contains answers to frequently asked questions at Internat Solling. Naturally, you can also reach us by telephone at +49 5531–1287-0 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask us about anything else.


When was Internat Solling founded and by whom?

Internat Solling was founded as ‘Landschulheim am Solling’ on 11 November 1909 by four teachers aligned with renowned educational reformer Hermann Lietz.

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Who are the financial backers behind Internat Solling?

The school is financed through the Charitable Foundation for Internat Solling (Gemeinnützige Stiftung Landschulheim am Solling).

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Which subjects are offered?

  • German, English, French, Spanish, Latin
  • Politics, History
  • Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Astrophysics
  • Religion, Ethics and Standards, Philosophy
  • Art, Music, Physical Education, Carpentry, Pottery, Metalworking
  • Specialisations and Electives

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In which order are foreign languages offered?

English is instructed starting in the 5th form, Spanish, French or Latin starting in the 6th form, Spanish for Beginners is offered in the 10th form.

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What type of secondary school is Internat Solling and what are its main specialisations?

Internat Solling is a nationally certified Gymnasium in Germany that offers all five secondary school specialisations (languages, sciences, humanities, music and arts, physical education).
In addition to German Abitur, pupils receive the Mittlere Reife after completing the 10th form and Fachabitur after completing the 11th form.

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What final examination courses (Leistungskurse) and specialisations (Schwerpunktfächer) are offered?

German, English, French, Spanish, Politics, History, Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Arts, Music, Physical Education

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How many pupils can live at the school?

Internat Solling has a residential capacity of 200 pupils.

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How many external pupils can attend Internat Solling?

60 spaces are reserved for pupils from the immediate vicinity. External pupils are not normally accepted until the 5th form.


How many children and young adults are there per class?

In the Lower and Intermediate Levels, there are 12 to maximum 20 children per class. The Upper Levels can be significantly smaller.

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How many children and young adults live together in a group or kam?

Groups of 8 to 12 boys or girls live together on a floor in comradeships (Kameradschaft) or kams for short. The apartment of the teacher in charge of the kam is situated in the immediate vicinity in the same building.

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How many children or young adults are there per room?

Each room is shared by a maximum of two boys or girls. Pupils in the Upper Level usually reside in single rooms.

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How many hours of instruction does my child receive per day?

Our classes always start at 8.15 am from Monday to Saturday. Five classes are held in the morning. Starting at the Intermediate Level, classes are also offered in the afternoons. The extra time gained through having classes on Saturday is appended to the holiday periods.

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How much vacation time will my child have?

2 weeks of fall holidays, 3 weeks of Christmas holidays, 1 week of ski holidays (only 8th form), 2 weeks winter holidays, 2 weeks Easter holidays, 2 weeks Pentecost holidays, 6 weeks summer holidays. To compensate for classes on Saturday, our holiday periods are longer than at other schools.

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Will my children only return home during holidays?

Between the holidays there are five to six home-visit weekends for each form. On these occasions, pupils are allowed to leave at 1 pm after morning classes on Friday and travel home or to relatives for the weekend. Of course, parents can also visit their children on other weekends and outside of the normal holidays or have them visit home.

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What will be my costs?

The school year extends from 1 August to 31 July of the subsequent year. School and child-raising fees are due annually but can also be paid in monthly instalments.

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Is it possible to view the school in advance?

We hold a special Open House day for interested families each year. Naturally, you can also contact our school principals to arrange a time for a personal visit to Internat Solling.



My child is eligible for financial support. Are scholarships available?

Die Charitable Foundation of Internat Solling (Stiftung Landschulheim am Solling) grants a range of scholarships to pupils each year for the 10th and 11th forms.

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Is homework supervised?

Pupils at Internat Solling have a homework slot between 5.15 and 6.45 pm. During this time, they remain at their desk and do their homework for the next day. The kam leaders supervise and, when necessary, help the pupils with their homework.

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How is a normal day at Internat Solling structured?

Breakfast 7.40 am
Classes begin8 8.15 am
Meeting 12.55 - 1.00 pm
Lunch 1.00 - 1.30 pm
Classes or recess (optional) Hours 6 to 8
Recess or project activities (optional) 1.30 - 5.15 pm
Homework 5.15 - 6.45 pm
"Silentium" (quiet time ) for Upper Level 5.30 - 6.45 pm
Supper 7.00 pm


  Hauszeit Bettzeit
Unterstufe 8.30 (9.00) pm 9.00 (9.30) pm
Mittelstufe 9.30 (10.00) pm 10.00 (10.30) pm
Oberstufe 10.30 (12.00) pm 11.00 (12.00) pm

(in brackets the arrangements for saturday)


Can I visit my child at Internat Solling?

Each year, we hold ‘Parent Days’ with a special programme. But naturally you can also visit your child on any weekend.


What is the leisure programme for my child at Internat Solling?

Numerous activity clubs are offered at Internat Solling and pupils must choose to participate in at least two per half-year. Every club meets regularly once per week. Starting at the Intermediate Level, pupils must attend obligatory activity clubs on the weekend. These are grouped into four areas: sports, arts and culture, social services and sciences. Various offers and excursions are also planned as activity clubs.

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