We are different in many ways from other secondary schools! In our opinion, learning is not restricted to classroom and occurs throughout the entire day and throughout life! By viewing life and learning as a whole, we not only educate our pupils, we also help to develop their character. For us, classroom instruction is but one aspect of education and we foster exploratory, self-dependent learning. Our instructional methods are open and we continue to develop them in an innovative manner. In fact, Internat Solling has often served as a role model for other schools. Our special culture of learning allows us to facilitate the development of our pupils while challenging them along the way.


Culture of Learning

The characteristic atmosphere of Internat Solling is definitely present during classes! However, it is most noticeable beyond the classroom. As a part of the “new culture of learning”, our qualified teachers and instructors also offer a range of interesting projects and extraordinary subjects. Our main goal is to provide our pupils with structures and learning strategies that enable them to learn autonomously.

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Learning Path

On this page, we present our educational concepts for the various learning phases of the lower, intermediate and upper levels. Our school's various areas of focus and projects establish a framework that promotes the proper development of children and young adults.

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Projects & Areas of Focus

One of the extraordinary aspects of a boarding school is the synergy generated between intra and extracurricular activities. After all, young people can only unfold their true potential by balancing intellectual pursuits with external activities. For this reason, we always offer a wide range of projects during each school year.

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Career Orientation

And what will do after school? What will happen after graduating from school? The actual educational goal of school is to best prepare young people for their lives in the future. And this includes choosing the right career and finding suitable post-secondary education or training. As final examinations begin to approach, most pupils usually begin to ponder various post-secondary options. We offer various career orientation modules to protect our pupils from becoming ‘lost’ after graduating from school.

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German as a Second Language

Internat Solling has always been a place where children and young adults from many different countries live and learn together. Pupils with little to no foreknowledge of German can attend a special in-house language school where they learn German and become integrated into the school.

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