Career Orientation

And what will you do after school? What will happen after graduating from school? The actual educational goal of school is to best prepare young people for their lives in the future. And this includes choosing the right career and finding suitable post-secondary education or training. As final examinations begin to approach, most pupils usually begin to ponder various post-secondary options. We offer various career orientation modules to protect our pupils from becoming ‘lost’ after graduating from school.




1. In the Curriculum:

With the introduction of specialisations and electives in the 5th form, we gently begin to prepare pupils for a range of careers. This trend continues through to the end of the Intermediate Level. Courses such as “Time Management”, “Reading and Composing Text” and “Presentations” are very important in this respect.

With this background, our pupils advance to the Upper Level that begins with a four-week vocational internship. In our opinion, the typical internship period of two weeks is much too brief to become properly acquainted with an occupation.

The practical assignment in the 11th form is small research project that, starting with theory, expands to include a practically oriented component: Pupils must complete various surveys and write reports. At the end, they present their results to the class. The task here is – just as when pursuing a career later on – to diagnose and define problem, and then to develop an appropriate solution.

The 10th form includes a Communication Training course that teaches pupils how to speak freely with poise in public. This is excellent occupational training and it teaches pupils how to overcome nervousness during job interviews and/or oral examinations.




2.One-on-One Consultation:

Our school alumni, (former) parents and friends of Internat Solling: At the career consulting symposium held on a regular basis, these experts provide specific information on various career options. They describe their own backgrounds and specialisations, and tell stories about some of their own job experiences.
This is also an event where pupils can discuss prospective internships and volunteer positions. Throughout the entire year, we invite alumni and parents to talk about their careers to interested groups of pupils (e.g., during evening lectures).
From Rotary Club Holzminden / Rotary Club Höxter:
Members of this organisation regularly discuss job opportunities, training options and career orientation.

From Job Agency Hameln: an expert visits our school several times a year and provides career and education consultation in direct interviews with pupils.



3. Info Days:


Our pupils can receive more career orientation during our school’s Info Days. Internat Solling organises trips to the following events:

  • Career Information Center in Hameln, Germany – amongst other services, this is where pupils can complete a vocational aptitude test
  • Various universities and post-secondary schools during open days or open lectures
  • Job Agency in Hameln, Germany on Post-Secondary Education Info Day



4. external Cooperation Partners:

Through various tests and services, our pupils can discover their own special interests and aptitudes. Internat Solling maintains excellent contacts to various service providers: Student guidance from “Töchter & Söhne”: special counselling on choosing a discipline to study and an appropriate university or institute. They also perform a ‘Potential Analysis’.

GEVA Institute: Various vocational and aptitude tests are available here.

JUMP training for job applications: This training program offers practical exercises and numerous tips on how to apply for a position.


“I have been at Internat Solling since last summer.
On Tenerife I previously attended the German
school. Now I would like to improve my German
language skills and experience new things.”

Guillermo Suarez Vega,
Pupil and scholarship recipient, 9th form,
born 1998 in La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Teneriffe, Spain



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