Culture of Learning

The characteristic atmosphere of Internat Solling is definitely present during classes! However, it is most noticeable beyond the classroom. As a part of the “new culture of learning”, our qualified teachers and instructors also offer a range of interesting projects and extraordinary subjects. Our main goal is to provide our pupils with structures and learning strategies that enable them to learn autonomously.

This is aided through the use of, for instance, a learning diary and records of their daily work hours under the supervision of a teacher. Learning skills are also supported through participation in additional subjects and electives that, removed from regular classroom instruction, teach the children about key life skills such as “Time Management”, “Reading and Composing Text“ and “Presentations”. But the open instructional format of the junior level, practical assignments of the 10th form and the ‘office of learning’ also allow us to teach pupils how to learn independently and autonomously.


Furthermore, the approachability and nearness of all teachers makes it possible to care for each pupil’s needs in balance with their personalities and strengths. In this way, we can encourage their curiosity and self-motivation. Pupils advance their learning skills by discovering how to first diagnose and define problems and then develop appropriate solutions. In addition to coming up with solutions, they also learn to appreciate how knowledge is gained in the process.


Not only do we train our pupils to think analytically, we also stimulate creative problem-solving, introduce unconventional methods and encourage them to develop perseverance and resilience. Since our experience with autonomous and project-oriented work has shown that pupils require more time than available on a normal school day, we established a learning centre (Lernzentrum) in 2006 where pupils can continue to work in a concentrated environment throughout the entire day.


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