For us, ‘vibrant community’ is not merely a theoretical consideration. Our pupils live and learn in a unique family-like environment. Our school is purposely situated far away from the city amidst natural surroundings – it truly is a home. Pupils view their teachers as fellow residents and the teachers ‘rear’ the pupils in the classroom and beyond. Both develop a sense of mutual respect and responsibility towards each other. This tolerant and trusting coexistence is reinforced through daily life at the school and helps to form strong relationships. The contrasting forces of individual freedom and group discipline establish an ideal environment where our pupils can develop their own personalities.


Daily Routines

“Our child needs structure!” This is something we hear time and time again during our admissions meetings. It is frequently a stated wish of the parents but sometimes even the children will say something similar – and children usually have a strong inkling of what they need most. Children and young adults seek stability and reliability.

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Small groups of pupils living together make up the core of our community. These "comradeships" (Kameradschaft) - or 'kams' for short - are composed of 8–12 pupils, usually from the same grade level, living in single or double rooms.

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Leisure & Weekend Activities

Of course it is of no surprise that the leisure activities offered by a boarding school determine how attractive it is to prospective pupils. After school or at the weekends, our pupils can have fun, relax or even try out something new.

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Equestrian Sports

Equestrian sports and horseback riding play a major role at Internat Solling. The 50 ha (125 acres) grounds offer outstanding opportunities for equestrian athletes and young riding enthusiasts. Our school’s own riding stable is partnered with the German Equestrian Association (Deutschen Reiterlichen Vereinigung e.V.) and is a member of the Hanoverian Equestrian Sports Association (Verein Pferdesportverband Hannover).

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Just 100 years ago, Internat Solling was one of the first boarding schools in Germany to have its own tennis courts. The facilities have been used ever since then for training, games and tournaments.

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