Small groups of pupils living together make up the core of our community. These "comradeships" (Kameradschaft) - or 'kams' for short - are composed of 8–12 pupils, usually from the same grade level, living in single or double rooms.

These close-knit groups provide a stable environment for pupils to develop friendships while at the same time learning to set boundaries as part of their individual development. The interplay between close proximity and mutual respect, rights and responsibilities form the focus of social learning is another appealing aspect of the school.

Supervising every group is a resident teacher, either living alone or with their family. Sharing meals with his group, this same teacher also oversees homework, plans communal activities and is always available to counsel pupils regarding any particular needs or concerns. The resident teacher offers praise or criticism where warranted, provides orientation, establishes rules and keeps parents informed. The personal, confidential and reliable nature of the teacher-pupil relationship is at the heart of our educational philosophy.


As important as relationship building is, the physical well-being of our pupils is also in focus at Internat Solling. And a part of this is a healthy and balanced diet. Valuing fresh regional produce that is preferably organic, our highly skilled culinary team offer a diverse menu. And for those afternoon cravings, coffee, hot chocolate and a variety of cakes and pastries are available.



β€œThe LSH community is very special- original,
mixed and unique. I would not want to be without
the people I met  there.”

Bettina von Kameke
Pupil from 1991 – 1994, Berlin School of Photography, Berlin



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