Daily Routines

“Our child needs structure!” This is something we hear time and time again during our admissions meetings. It is frequently a stated wish of the parents but sometimes even the children will say something similar – and children usually have a strong inkling of what they need most. Children and young adults seek stability and reliability.

We are convinced that our daily routines at Internat Solling provide our pupils with this sense of security and safety – in fact, some them still benefit from it decades later. The structure of each day, week and year establishes stable pillars for our co-existence in a climate of mutual respect and regard. Our young pupils are able to develop their emotional skills and forge lasting friendships.

The communal meals are one of the typical traditions at our school. The various groups of residents begin the day together with a communal breakfast and meet again for lunch and a light evening meal. Everybody meets at the tables to share stories and talk about the day – just like in a family. The daily meal routine is always the same: Everybody remains behind their chairs and waits for the head of the house to ring the table bell and announce the communal start and, later on, end to the meal.

Mittagsversammlung Internat Solling

Immediately preceding lunch at 13.30 pm, a meeting is held in the Lower House courtyard. Everybody attends this meeting without reservation. It serves as a platform where information can be shared quickly in a straightforward manner and school residents can address each other directly by name. The circle that we stand in for this meeting symbolises our school’s unity and cohesion.


The morning and evening lectures in the Upper Hall (Hohe Halle) are another tradition that we have maintained since the 1920s. Three times a week, we meet to listen to classical music, science lectures or a broad variety of interesting cultural events – presented by our pupils, teachers and alumni. One of our school’s guiding tenets has always been to provide ample space and time for cultural education.


Regular events are planned not only on a daily or weekly basis but are also spread throughout the year. These include the “Big Hike” held by each group at the beginning of the school year, the annual Alumni Meeting (Altschülertreffen) in October, Roast Goose Dinner on St. Martin’s Day to commemorate the school’s anniversary or the Christmas Concert with banquet and ceremony celebrating the arrival of new pupils. The various annual holidays are also important landmarks on our yearly calendar.

All of these holidays and celebrations provide our pupils with vital structures and, over time, begin to exert an almost magical attraction.


How is a normal day structured at Internat Solling?

Breakfast 7.40 am
Classes begin 8.15 am
Lunch 1.00 pm
Meeting  1.30 pm
Classes or free time (optional) Hours 6 to 8
Free time or project activities (optional) 1.30 - 5.15 pm
Homework 5.15 - 6.45 pm
"Silentium" (quiet time) for Upper Level 5.15 - 6.45 pm
Supper 7.00 pm

Evening Times

  House Times Bedtimes
Lower Level 8.30  (9.00) pm 9.00 (9.30) pm
Intermediate Level 9.30 (10.00) pm 10.00 (10.30) pm
Upper Level 10.30 (midnight) pm 11.00 (midnight) pm

(times in parentheses apply to Saturdays)


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