Location & Campus

Our boarding school is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Solling above the town of Holzminden in southern Lower Saxony. The venerable school building is situated on spacious grounds with 50 ha (125 acres) and is the home to our special education programme. Click this article to view a slideshow. Our three large old buildings – Lower House (Unterhaus), Middle House (Mittelhaus) and Upper House (Oberhaus) – represent our central idea of life and learning: boarding rooms, teacher apartments, classrooms – all are located under the same roof. It is no coincidence that we have never had plans to separate the classrooms from residences of both the pupils and teachers.

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Our Philosophy

Internat Solling is a private boarding school in Lower Saxony funded by a charitable foundation. The original reform concept of the school’s founders—still valid today —was to facilitate the development of young adults through holistic education so that they become responsible citizens.

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HISTORY OF Internat Solling

If Internat Solling were to have been founded in current times, it would have called a parents’ initiative. Thanks to the dedication and seed money from a group of mothers and fathers, our school was founded more than 100 years ago. This group was lead by Dr. Hermann Schmilinsky, a medical doctor from Hamburg, who encouraged four teachers to found their own school.

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Our Networks

Our school is the epitome of a lively network! After all, Internat Solling belongs to a large network of German and international partnerships that encourages communication. Our many contacts to the outer world allow our pupils to participate in many exciting international projects, expand their horizons and exploit special opportunities.

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Tuition & Scholarships

This page provides an overview of the costs for attending our boarding school. Internat Solling offers a range of scholarships and sponsorship programs. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Internat Solling has been recommended to you, you have heard or read about us or you have attended one of our Open House events? You are interested in having your child live and learn at our school? Then arrange a meeting with our school administration secretary Christine Werneck by calling 055 31 / 12 87-15 or ask about our next Open House.

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