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Our boarding school is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Solling above the town of Holzminden in southern Lower Saxony. The venerable school building is situated on spacious grounds with 50 ha (125 acres) and is the home to our special education programme. Click this article to view a slideshow.

Our three large old buildings – Lower House (Unterhaus), Middle House (Mittelhaus) and Upper House (Oberhaus) – represent our central idea of life and learning: boarding rooms, teacher apartments, classrooms – all are located under the same roof. It is no coincidence that we have never had plans to separate the classrooms from residences of both the pupils and teachers.


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Just as our founding fathers intended, our educational programme is reflected in our school buildings and grounds. More than 100 years ago, they expressly chose to construct a new building instead of attempting to re-use a castle or estate manor and being bound to a predetermined atmosphere. It was a very conscious decision to link the educational programme at Internat Solling with the buildings themselves.

The outer “face” of our school is constructed from Solling sandstone and is graced with characteristic towers. The school’s park-like grounds contain numerous sports facilities such as riding grounds and tennis courts, and also workshops for arts and crafts, a science institute, a music house and a recently constructed learning centre. And even though functionality and cost-effectiveness may have had a higher priority than the aesthetics of some of our newer buildings, our boarding school is nonetheless a vibrant living space where we live, learn and work. Whether school-related or not, everything we do is self-contained.

The historical architecture harmonises perfectly with our educational programme and provides our pupils with an area they know and trust, complete with hidden corners and special areas where they feel at home. The distinct charm of our school rubs off on the people who live and work here and provides them with a sense of vitality, competitiveness and creativity.

Since mere descriptions will never do full justice to our atmosphere, we invite you to visit us and take a tour.



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