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Our school is the epitome of a lively network! After all, Internat Solling belongs to a large network of German and international partnerships that encourages communication. Our many contacts to the outer world allow our pupils to participate in many exciting international projects, expand their horizons and exploit special opportunities.

This starts with our alumni group LSH-Bund (LSH comes from our former name Landschulheim am Solling) that remains in close contact with our school. This group is strongly committed to our school and pupils and offers special lectures, internships, help in getting started with a career or even financial assistance. Our alumni are always ready to help as contact partners, companions and facilitators. More than 2500 alumni receive a regular newsletter to learn about what is currently happening at Internat Solling. With their gratitude and love of our school, these people represent an immeasurable value for our school..


Internat Solling is also a member of the German Association of Boarding Schools (Deutschen Vereinigung der Landerziehungsheime e.V.) that contains 15 of Germany’s leading boarding schools. The school is also a member of the Working Group of Independent Schools in Lower Saxony (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freier Schulen Niedersachsens) that attends to the needs of independent schools in Lower Saxony. The school continues to develop through participation in Blick über den Zaun (“A View Over The Fence”), an association of progressive education schools, and through work with other self-actualising schools.

But we are also very active beyond our school premises. Through regular exchange programs, our pupils travel abroad to study at other schools while other pupils come from elsewhere in the world to attend our school. Naturally, we offer these foreign pupils a special program with trips and excursions to locations throughout Germany. Internat Solling has a long tradition as an international school with special ties to Latin America and a focus on teaching Spanish. Throughout its history exceeding 100 years, pupils from all continents and more than 80 different countries have attended our school.

We have been a member of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPNet) since 2009. Not only do we teach about international understanding, sustainability and intercultural learning, we also live this way by participating in The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN).


“We still benefit today from LSH and its network.
The sense of camaraderie has defined our lives.”

Carsten von Berlin,
Pupil from 1979–1986, communication consultant,
München, Germany





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