Internat Solling has been recommended to you, you have heard or read about us or you have attended one of our Open House events? You are interested in having your child live and learn at our school? Then arrange a meeting with our school administration secretary Christine Werneck by calling +49  55 31 / 12 87-15 or ask about our next Open House.

A guided tour and face-to-face meeting on our premises is an essential prerequisite for applying and becoming accepted at our school. School Director Mrs Volger requests to meet children and their parents. She will also have a one-on-one meeting with the child because they must be in agreement with the decision to attend our school. (We make exceptions for foreign students for whom travel is an obstacle.) Please bring the pupil’s school report card from the previous year to give us an impression of the child’s scholastic performance. If both the family and school staff come away with positive opinions of each other, we will give or send a copy of the contractual agreement to the child’s parents or legal guardians. These contain the acceptance conditions, descriptions of the school infrastructure and facilities, house rules and pocket money regulations, and an application form at the end. The process is complete once the health form has been filled out and the application signed.



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