Tuition & Scholarships

This page provides an overview of the costs for attending our boarding school. Internat Solling offers a range of scholarships and sponsorship programs. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Overview of Costs
(1 August 2019 - 31 July 2020)

Tuition for internal pupils

3.000 €  per month

or 36.000 € per year

Tuition for external pupils 665 € per month
or 7.980 € per year
Registration fee (one-time) 150 €

School materials, school excursions etc. will be invoiced separately.

Advance on expenses
For pupils from Germany 300 €
For pupils from abroad   2.000 €
If we are authorised to debit directly from your account, we will withdraw one-half of the monthly fee as a deposit.
Otherwise, the fully monthly fee is due.

The fiscal year for the school begins on 1 August and ends on 31 July (also for recently enrolled pupils). We reserve the right to make changes.

We reserve the right to increase school fees on 1 August 2019.


“I noticed after a very brief period at Internat Solling,
that I personally learned a lot and that I could speak
the language much better. It is very international
here and I enjoy it, because I get to know other cultures.
I’m very glad to be able to attend this school and view
it as a great opportunity for myself and my future.”

Pablo Vasconcelos de la Portilla,
Pupil and scholarship recipient, 10th form,
born 1996 in Mexico City



Scholarships at Internat Solling

We offer an opportunity for gifted young pupils to attend our school even if their parents are not able to carry the costs of attending. Each year, the LSH Scholarship Fund and Neumayer Association offer scholarships to worthy pupils. The application deadline for each school year ends on 7 March.

Cooperation with Dornier Scholarship Fund to sponsor gifted pupils (Esther und Silvius Dornier Stiftung zur Förderung begabter Schüler)

This scholarship aims to allow gifted young boys and girls to attend selected boarding schools even if they would not otherwise be able to cover tuition fees. For more information, visit the website for the Dornier Scholarship Fund.

Other Options

A limited number of income-rated discounts are also available. In order to be eligible for these, we must have access to the income data of the pupil’s parents or legal guardians. In certain well-founded cases, the German Youth Welfare Office may also cover the costs of attending a boarding school. This must be arranged in advance by the child’s parents or legal guardians in cooperation with the responsible Youth Welfare Office before applying to the school. Internat Solling is a certified Youth Welfare Institution and also accepts a limited number of pupils in this capacity.


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