We are all Internat Solling – a lively community of approximately 200 people from all around the world: We, the pupils, are naturally the main focus of the school. We live in a secure and highly cosmopolitan environment. We, the teachers, live and work at the school, some of us with our families. We are honoured to work at an innovative school with such high educational and scholastic standards. We, the school staff, work as administrators, technologists, cooks and housekeepers to ensure that everything runs properly and everybody feels well. We, the foundation and parents’ councils, keep our eyes on proceedings and do our best to help the school staff do their jobs.



We have more than 200 Internat pupils who come predominantly from the northern, western and central Germany but also from Spain, Brazil, Mexico, China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Around 50 children and young adults from Holzminden and vicinity attend the school as external pupils.

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Internat Solling is more than just an employer. Most of our 45 teachers live directly at the school. Some of them live here with their spouses and children. Others found employed here directly following their studies and decades later they still live here. Internat Solling is home for pupils and teachers alike.

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Service Personnel

There are many people involved in keeping everything running at Internat Solling. Contrary to common opinion, the teachers also help in this regard. But this is not enough for a boarding school. More than 50 people work in our kitchens, washing salons, sewing shop, medical department, libraries, or as janitors, tradesmen and administrators – all with the common goal of ensuring that everything runs properly.

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Foundation Council

This council is comparable with the board of directors in a private company and supervises the foundation council’s business activities. The board chooses its own directors, approves the budget and acts as the final authority in all key issues without intervening in business operations. The members consist of renowned educators as well as former pupils and parents with diverse backgrounds as lawyers, bankers and free enterprise to name a few.

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Parent Council

The relationship between the parents and the school has traditionally been very strong. Back in 1909 it was engaged parents who founded the school. Today, the parents are officially represented by the Parent Council. They meet regularly and discuss current topics and issues. The chairperson is acts as an advisor for all important decisions, attends Foundation Council meetings and represents the wishes and needs of the parents.

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Job Offers at Internat Solling

We always welcome applications from teachers in all specialisations or those interested in a change of career. Simply send an email to the management office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A position as a teacher at a boarding school presents specific challenges but also offers many special advantages. An overview of our work is given in the box below.


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