Foundation Council

This council is comparable with the board of directors in a private company and supervises the foundation council’s business activities. The board chooses its own directors, approves the budget and acts as the final authority in all key issues without intervening in business operations. The members consist of renowned educators as well as former pupils and parents with diverse backgrounds as lawyers, bankers and free enterprise to name a few.

A unique factor contributing to our school’s stability and continuity is that the foundation council has only had three chairpersons since 1924!



“My entire life has been affected by the artistic
aspects of living at LSH – acting in theatre,
playing music, attending evening lectures,
and the Upper Hall (Hohe Halle) at the centre.
The combination of learning and living was an
intense mixture that generated high-quality
experiences far beyond the class timetable –
something that would not likely have been
possible at a regular school.”

Peter Landmann,
Pupil from 1959–1968,
Directing Minister of Culture Ministry
of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf, Germany



members of Foundation Council

Peter Landmann, Kempen

Hans Detlev von Garnier, Hannover
Stellv. Vorsitzender

Silke Adam, Berlin

Dr. Bernhard Bueb, Überlingen

Horst-Otto Gerberding, Holzminden

Barbara Haller, Isernhagen

Annabelle Gräfin von Oeynhausen-Sierstorpff, Bad Driburg

Uwe Paris, Wetter

Dr. Matthias Redlefsen, Hann. Münden

Dr. Erika Risse, Erkrath

Valentin Seidenfus, Hannover

Professor Dr. Hermann Veith, Göttingen


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