Sponsors & Alumni

Ever since our school was founded, there have been people who have engaged themselves especially for the school. 100 years ago, it was a group of parents who provided the four school founders with moral and financial support through the Charitable Foundation for Internat Solling (gemeinnützige Stiftung Landschulheim am Solling) – the same foundation that exists to this very day. We can act independently thanks to the foundation, and we are very thankful for this. Even though our school is essentially operated like a (profitable) company, all revenue we generate is re-invested back into the school itself.


Alumni network

This network contains around 4,000 alumni, pupils and teachers from Internat Solling who remain in contact long after their time at our school.




One of the distinguishing characteristics of a boarding school is that most pupils, their parents and teachers develop a very special relationship to their alma mater. Our many sponsors and supporters over the years have helped to make our school what it is. These people share their knowledge and expertise, and their contacts, personal networks and donations have allowed us to become the exceptional school that we are.

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We are not just another school! We want to guarantee that Internat Solling remains one of Germany’s best boarding schools in the future. It should remain the classy and unique location for living and learning that it has been for more than 100 years.



Scholarship Fund

We offer an opportunity for gifted young pupils to attend our school even if their parents are not able to carry the costs of attending. Right from the beginning, Internat Solling has aimed to allow gifted children to attend our school where they can develop their personalities in a holistic educational environment. It also goes the other way. These pupils inspire our entire school community with their motivation, commitment, dedication and outstanding social skills.

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Class Graduate Panels

Large wooden panels with the names of school graduates from each year are now hanging in the Schmilinsky Hall in our Lower House. Unfortunately, this venerable tradition was not consistently maintained over the years. As a part of the renovation work on the Lower House corridor, we have revived this custom. .




The financial resources required to continue developing our school are to be realised through our fundraising activities. Up until the end of our school’s anniversary in 2009, we were able to raise a grand total of one million euros. Since that time, many parents, alumni parents and alumni themselves have donated to Internat Solling. We would like to ask you for your continued financial assistance because you can be certain that your donation will help to shape the future.

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