One of the distinguishing characteristics of a boarding school is that most pupils, their parents and teachers develop a very special relationship to their alma mater. Our many sponsors and supporters over the years have helped to make our school what it is. These people share their knowledge and expertise, and their contacts, personal networks and donations have allowed us to become the exceptional school that we are.

Some former pupils remember their horseback trips, others still see the stairs of the Upper House that they used to climb – another person hears the bells that call to dinner, and yet someone else reminisces about their neighbour who later became their best friend. There is scarcely anyone who is complacent about their school time in hindsight..


The sense of bonding with Internat Solling is not related to scholastic success or good grades. It is much more a product of the diverse experiences made during a time when the school served as a home away from home. Many former pupils regularly return to the school in October for the Alumni Meeting. During the drive up Einbecker Straße, they breathe in the fresh Solling air and attend a meeting in the Lower House courtyard, all the while looking forward to a meal of raspberry curds served in the dining room and an evening lecture on the hard benches of the Upper Hall.


“My life certainly would not have been as satisfying
without my years at the school and I am very thankful
for this!”

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Berdel,
Pupil from 1956–1965, medical profession



The alumni association (LSH-Bund) has existed for more than 80 years and has more than 850 members. They run their own website at and each year they issue their own yearbook “Giftschonung”. Furthermore, the alumni network was founded about 15 years ago. Today there are around 2500 alumni registered in the database and they receive a regular newsletter from the school with updates and new information.

Since these alumni are so active and identify so strongly with our school, they are of immeasurable importance to us! Many want to give something back to their school as a show of gratitude. And others never cease to speak about their good times at our school and pitch its virtues to interested families. Yet other alumni choose to donate their expertise and knowledge, share names from their contact pool, hold lectures, provide advice and/or organise internships and job interviews.

Many of them have supported us immensely by donating our fundraising projects so that we can finance scholarships and renovate our historical buildings in an aesthetic manner.

The lives and careers of these people are just as diverse as the ways and means they use to support our school. Testimonials from some of our former pupils can be read on throughout this website.


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