We are not just another school! We want to guarantee that Internat Solling remains one of Germany’s best boarding schools in the future. It should remain the classy and unique location for living and learning that it has been for more than 100 years.

Back when our school was founded, parents and teachers understood the value of our educational programme and donate their time and money to this pursuit. To ensure that we can continue our important work at Internat Solling, we still ask parents, alumni and friends to assist with fundraising. In English-speaking countries, fundraising is accepted as an entirely normal means of operating a private education institute. We also see it as the best way to sustainably secure the future of our school.

Through the generous donations from people in our large network, we have been able to offer regular scholarships to gifted young pupils as well as finance our class graduate panels. For many, it is a way to pay back their gratitude for what they gained during their tenure at our school.




Friends, Sponsors and Benefactors

Your donation – large or small, one-off or regular – helps us to create permanent scholarships and finance key, sustainable projects.

Whether as a friend (donation of € 1000), sponsor (donation of € 10,000) or benefactor (donation of € 100,000 or more), you can be sure that your donation is towards the future of our school.

Everybody who donates receives an appropriate thank-you. If we have your permission, we will name you publicly as a sponsor or benefactor.

Benefactors donating in five-figure range will receive a very special thank you from us at Internat Solling. With his skilful hands, Mr Andreas Berthoud has built miniature versions of the three houses of our school in the carpentry workshop. These are given to our school’s benefactors in a small wooden box and the name of the benefactor is engraved (limited edition) on the box.



Fundraising Overview

We would like to thank our many friends, sponsors, benefactors and alumni for spreading the good word about our school and for their generous support! Please help us to continue!


Spendenueberblick Internat Solling 2016


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