Sponsorship Options

The financial resources required to continue developing our school are to be realised through our fundraising activities. Up until the end of our school’s anniversary in 2009, we were able to raise a grand total of one million euros. Since that time, many parents, alumni parents and alumni themselves have donated to Internat Solling. We would like to ask you for your continued financial assistance because you can be certain that your donation will help to shape the future.


Fundraising Accounts

Here are the bank accounts that you can use to donate to Internat Solling:

1. General donations to Internat Solling

Recipient: Stiftung Landschulheim am Solling
Braunschweigische Landessparkasse/Nord LB
IBAN: DE28 2505 0000 0027 824 234

2. Donations to scholarship fund (LSH-Leistungsstipendien)

Recipient: LSH-Stipendienstiftung
Braunschweigische Landessparkasse/Nord LB
IBAN: DE38 2505 0000 0150 529 733

3. Donations to annual graduate panels

Recipient: Stiftung Landschulheim am Solling
Braunschweigische Landessparkasse/Nord LB
IBAN: DE28 2505 0000 0027 824 234
Keyword: Class of YYYY

All donations are valid as tax write-offs in Germany. For collected donations in excess of 100 euros, you will receive a consolidated donation receipt at the start of the subsequent year. For donations of 100 euros or less, you can simply include a copy of your account balance record to the tax authority. If you should so require, we can also send you separate donation receipts for each single donation. However, we are often not given sufficient information to process the receipts. Please make sure to include your complete name and address so that your donation can be properly allocated and we can send your donation receipt as quickly as possible.



Donations in Kind

It is also possible to make donations to Internat Solling of a non-monetary nature. In past years, we have received items such as a grand piano, a valuable series of antique books, various paintings, a weather station and even a sailing boat. In most cases, it is prudent to consult with us in advance to check that the intended donation in kind is appropriate and that both sides are satisfied.

Special Occasions

“Please don’t give me any presents – I’ve already got everything I need!” People always think about giving gifts to others on special occasions (annual reunions, important birthdays, anniversaries). Instead of flowers and presents, how about donating to an important cause? We will gladly help you with this endeavour. For more ideas and support, please contact Ms Dr. Albert-Meisieck.

Spread the word! Tell your friends and acquaintances about the idea of donating to your school on your special occasion. There will always be another special occasion. Thank you for your commitment!

Corporate donations

In recent years, voluntary social engagement has gained in importance for companies looking to increase their social acceptance and also to pursue specific corporate strategies. Companies have become increasingly aware that responsible social engagement can lead to sustainable profitability.

Did you previously attend Internat Solling and now you head a successful company? To give something back to your alma mater from what it gave you along the way, have your company contact us at Internat Solling.

Increase your company’s social engagement. Here’s an idea: create a scholarship in your company’s name for a gifted pupil in your region. We can also provide you with other examples on how you cooperate with others to create a scholarship for gifted pupils.

memorial services

Every person that passes away takes away a smile and a bit of hope. What remains are thoughts and memories of experiences we have shared together. When we say goodbye to a loved one, close relative or good friend, we are moved by many emotions. Many of us think about others and donate a wreath to an old school to which we may have felt a special kinship through the years. But instead of a wreath, it is more practical to make a donation to a good cause – perhaps something close to the heart of the dearly departed.

For instance, how about contributing to a scholarship fund for a gifted young person so that they can attend our school? That would be something good for the future of us all.

Here’s how to do it: Include a notice in the obituary to inform the mourners that a donation to our foundation is preferred. Make sure to include a keyword for the donation. You could write, “At the request of the deceased, please send a donation to Internat Solling in lieu of flowers.”

Or ask the mourners to donate to specially created account and transfer the final amount to the fundraising option of your choice. Please do not forget to fill out the included form so that we can allocate your donation. If you send us a list with the names and addresses of the various donors, we will gladly process and send the donation receipts.


“You cannot look into the future, but you can lay foundations for the future – for the future can be built.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We often procrastinate about writing our own will. On the one hand, it forces us to think about our own mortality and what we will leave behind. On the other hand, we also want to avoid hurting feelings or causing disputes amongst the heirs.

Or perhaps you have been thinking about your ‘will’ for a while already. By writing a will, you can ensure that your legacy is handled the way you want it to be and that your family is protected in the best possible way. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause that will remain after your passing and shape the future – a cause dear to your heart. Our pamphlet “Inheritances, Legacies, and Donations to Internat Solling – A Practical Guide” helps you to shape the future according to your wishes. This pamphlet provides an overview of the key aspects and suggests how best to proceed. You can order a pamphlet at any time from Ms Dr. Albert-Meisieck at Internat Solling or simply download it below.

Should you have any more questions or require legal advice, or if you wish to meet us in person, simply contact Ms Dr. Albert-Meisieck. She can also put you in contact with Valentin Seidenfus (foundation council member and legal expert).



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